EchoPay Customers,

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Early Direct Deposit.

Access your paycheck up to 2 days sooner1 with direct deposit!

Joint accounts for you and your partner.

Two cards, one account. You and your partner can enjoy all the features of EchoPay together.

Raise financially responsible youth.

Order EchoPay Family Cards for your children (age 13-17) to help them manage their money, while monitoring their activity.

An easy way to pay bills.3

Pay bills easily with our network of over 64,000 vendors, and view past payments to monitor your spending.

Withdraw funds at any ATM.

Use your EchoPay card to withdraw funds at any ATM. Plus, use any Visa+ Alliance Network ATM for $0(4) withdrawals. Easily find the nearest ATM with our mobile app2.

Deposit funds to your account!

Want to deposit funds to your EchoPay account? Use our network of 100,000+ load locations including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and many others. Easily find the nearest load location with our mobile app2.

Send money to friends and family.

No-fee4 money transfers to friends and family when they have an EchoPay Visa Prepaid Card.

Anytime alerts.2

Optional notifications allow you to be notified when you get paid by direct deposit or when purchases have been made.

No credit check. We accept you as you are.

Get EchoPay without a credit check.

Transparent fees.

Our monthly fee is only $4.95…even if you add a Partner Card and Family Cards. Plus, we waive the fee when $1,000+ is deposited per monthly billing cycle – including direct deposit. Click ‘Learn More’ to view our transparent fee table.

Security is top priority.

We utilize 256-bit AES encryption and other security measures to protect your money. Your account is FDIC-insured up to $250,000*.
*Register your card for FDIC insurance eligibility and other protections.
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